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Have More Fun Playing Golf

Have More Fun Playing Golf

Fun Playing Golf

Golf is fun!

It is often said on the golf course, a bad day playing golf is better than the best day working. Playing golf should be fun. Golf is fun! Have more fun playing golf by doing these 3 things.

First and Foremost, Play Faster

The average round of golf takes about 4 hours to play 18 holes. There will be golfers playing in front of you and behind you most of the time, especially if you play on weekends. As long as you keep up the pace of play, you’re good. You’ll know you’re keeping the proper pace if the group in front of you is playing their second shots as you arrive on the tee box to hit your first shot. If there is no group in front of you, you’re playing too slow.

Don’t be annoying

Slow play is annoying and frustrating. It upsets the group playing behind you but it’s also annoying to the players in your foursome. Being annoyed or frustrated doesn’t make for a fun game of golf. Pick up the pace but don’t rush. Golf is a game of focus. Focus on hitting your next shot, hit it and keep moving. And keep your head down. I’m talking to myself with that tip.

Before you tee off on the first hole, briefly mention you play ready golf and ask if that’s ok with the rest of the group. I’ve never had anyone ever tell me it wasn’t ok to play ready golf. Sure, if you make a birdie and you have honors, you may want to hit first on the next tee but don’t make a federal case out of it. One of your fellow golfers will most likely say, “ hey, you have honors”. You’ll have a chance to hit first if that makes you feel good.

If you get to your ball and you’re ready to hit, have a quick look around to make sure your fellow golfers are not yet ready, even if they are farther away and hit your ball. Know where your fellow golfers are on the course.

Don’t be a Stickler

You should have a fair understanding of the rules but don’t be a stickler. You’re not playing the US Open. You’re there to have more fun playing golf. Don’t look for lost balls for more than a few minutes. Drop a ball, take a penalty stroke and play on. It’s ok. I promise.

Play from the white tees. Pro golfers can play from the tips on courses well over 7000 yards. You are not a pro. Play from the proper tees, depending on your handicap. Most likely, you should be playing from the white tees unless you have a very low handicap. Have more fun playing golf and play from the senior tees, especially if you’re old, like my friends. There’s no shame in playing the front tees. This makes your second shot easier to hit the green so you have a birdie putt. Birdie putts are fun! Just don’t leave your birdie putt short. Not fun.

Don’t take time to record your score at the hole you just played. Again, it’s very annoying to everyone and not proper golf etiquette. Record your score when you’re on the next tee box. You know who I’m talking about. Click HERE for a good article about golf etiquette you should read.

Fun Playing Golf

Great shot!

Secondly, Be Courteous to Your Fellow Golfers

You’ll have more fun playing golf if your foursome is nice to each other. Your responsibility is to be nice to your fellow golfers. Some good hearted ribbing is fine, but don’t go overboard. Don’t stand on their putting line. I’m not sure why this is a big deal since the last group, and every other previous group, most definitely walked all around the hole on the putting green and most assuredly stepped on your putting line before you got there. But it’s considered taboo to step on the putting line while you are on the green, so just don’t do it.

Play Ready Golf

Playing “ready” golf also applies to putting, so if you’re ready, putt away. A quick, “let me finish out” to your fellow golfers will suffice.

Fix your ball mark on the putting green. If you can’t find your ball mark, just fix any other ball mark. If every golfer did this, hitting putts will be more fun for everyone.

The player who hit the shot closest to the hole has the responsibility to tend the flag. If you have a good chance at birdie and your fellow golfers will be lucky to three putt, tend the flag. If you make a long putt and your fellow golfers still need a few putts to finish, tend the flag.

When your fellow golfer makes a long putt or a birdie or a great tee shot, compliment them. It won’t kill you to say, “nice shot”. Also, don’t say nice shot if they hit a bad shot, thinking you’re complimenting them even if the ball lands in a good spot. That’s annoying.

Never give unsolicited golf advice. If you are not asked for help, your golf instruction is not welcome. At the very most, ask if they want a golf tip. If the answer is anything but “ Yes. I need some help!”, just be quiet and move on to your next shot.

Lastly, Remember You Are Paying Good Money to Play

It’s a sunny day, just a couple of white, fluffy clouds overhead. There’s very little wind and you’re on the golf course. Sounds like heaven to me. Why are you so angry? Because you hit a bad golf shot?! Give yourself a break.

Golf is fun!

Remember, golf is supposed to be fun. Have more fun playing golf! I’ve been known to throw a golf club from time to time and I’m not proud of this. I’ve been guilty of letting my temper get the best of me. Then I think how stupid I am. I love playing golf and why should a bad shot make me so upset? That’s the thing, it shouldn’t. I watch a lot of golf and I’ve seen the best players in the world hit really bad shots. If Phil Mickelson can hit a short shot over the green and into the water, so can you and I. Focus on the shot you’re hitting and have a short memory of that last shank.

The single most important tip you will ever hear is, have a sense of humor when playing golf. The ability to laugh at yourself and be a bit self effacing will go a long way to ensuring you have fun playing golf.


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