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Pictures I took in NYC

2014-12-27 14.36.11 2015-05-23 20.45.32 2015-05-23 19.41.05-1 2015-05-23 18.48.51 2014-12-27 15.51.292015-05-23 20.20.13-1 2014-12-27 15.16.36

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4 thoughts on “Pictures I took in NYC

  1. Bob Angelovich

    Hi Danny….nice idea for the blog. You’ve got some great pictures. Catch you on the rebound when you come to the ‘burg.

  2. Thomas Cipolli

    For those of us who live far away in the Iowa territory, your website is a fun visit. Sharing pics and comments of your city experience provides a unique insight of what it’s like actually living in New York City. Emailed this website link to all my friends!