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New Yorkers Are Resilient

New Yorkers are Resilient

New Yorkers are resilient and will not be intimidated. New Yorkers set the example for the rest of this great country. We will not be deterred from living our lives the way we want to live our lives. The residents of NYC know these despicable cowards and scumbags will never change the way we live. These cowards will never, ever achieve their insane objectives. Furthermore, New Yorkers will prove, have in fact already proven, these cowardly acts are futile.

New Yorkers will not be intimidated


Empire State Building

Empire State Building, NYC

On Saturday September 17, 2016, NYC experienced an act of terrorism. A bomb exploded in a garbage bin on 23rd Street in the Chelsea neighborhood near the infamous Chelsea Hotel. Another bomb, a pressure cooker with a cell phone attached, was found unexploded a few blocks away on 27th Street. This occurred the same day a pipe bomb exploded along the route of a 5k race about to begin to benefit US Marines in Seaside Park, NJ. Another terrorist act occurred this same day at a busy mall in Minnesota with some coward screaming “Allah” and stabbing several people. Remarkably, no victim was killed in any of these attacks. Whether these acts are linked or not, more importantly, we know how New Yorkers will respond. New Yorkers are resilient.


Cowards Always Lose

The Mayor of NYC and the Governor of NY spoke about how New Yorkers will not be threatened, will not be made to fear, will not respond the way the terrorists want us to respond. New Yorkers will go about our routine as if nothing occurred. Maybe we’ll be a bit more vigilant and say something if we see something, but by and large, the cowardly terrorists lose again. New Yorkers consider these perpetrators scum of the earth. We want these scumbags caught and brought to justice. New Yorkers will not be negatively impacted by these horrible acts. If New Yorkers went back to our normal routines just days after 9/11, do these scumbags, so called “terrorists”, really think any horror they can conjure up will have any real negative impact? These cowards are either very stupid or simply insane.

New Yorkers Always Win

Monday morning, New Yorkers will go to work, eat a hot dog from a street vendor, visit our favorite deli for a coffee and a buttered roll, go to the neighborhood bagel shop, just as we have always done. New Yorkers are resilient and we will go about our normal routine, as if nothing happened. New Yorkers win, despicable cowards lose. And by the way, despicable cowards are not welcome in Danny’s Nice Town.

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