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3 Awesome Things To Make Life Easier

Make Life Easier


Sharing great ideas and products with you to make life easier is one of the reasons I created Danny’s Nice Town. Here are 3 things I want you to know about. Enjoy and share this article with others. Let’s All “Pay it Forward”!

Make Life Easier

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Save money and drink great tasting water

Did you know your tap water has amoebas swimming around in it? If you drink tap water, you’re drinking amoebas! Gross! Tap water is the worst unless you like the taste of chlorine. Blekthhh! I hate that taste. Reminds me of the little girl in the movie, Signs, when she says her water is contaminated. It is!!

Everyone has to drink water. Drinking water has great health benefits including weight loss, improving your immune functions and it helps your skin somehow (a doctor or some smart person told me that). I tried several types of water filters including the device you hook up to your faucet and the popular Brita filters (good but not great). I was never quite happy with any of these filtration systems so I spent a lot of money on bottled water. Then my wife made me try Zero Water. I was instantly converted. Zero Water is, by far, the best water purification product I have ever used.

Zero Water comes with a free digital water meter so you can very easily test your tap water for dissolved solids, the contamination you would otherwise be drinking. Then compare your tap water with Zero Water. Dramatic difference!  We have saved a small fortune using Zero Water instead of buying bottled water. More money in your pocket will help make life easier.

Save Time and Do Less Cleaning

I hate cleaning and I know I’m going out on a limb here, but you hate cleaning too. If you haven’t already tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, you have missed out on a grand opportunity to actually do less cleaning. What it used to take me an hour to do, now takes just a few seconds. That’s a total exaggeration by me, sorry, but it has saved me tons of time, I swear. Cleaning the top of the oven is an awful experience. The food is just caked on there and I would bet my last dollar those stains are never coming out. After what seems like hours of scouring with one of those sponges with the plastic scrubbing side, those damn stains just stare at me and laugh. “Aaahhahahhahahaaa, scrub away until your arm falls off Danny, we are never going away!!” I hate obnoxious stains.  Spending less time cleaning and keeping your arms attached will make life easier for you.

Then I found Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser and hallelujah, the stains just wiped away! There was a red wine spillage incident at a party we recently threw and our friend, Tira, was convinced there was sorcery at play when the burgundy stain just wipe easily away from the top of the white Ikea dresser. These things are f…ing magic.

The Best Ice Cream in the World

Run, don’t walk to Whole Foods and buy Coconut Bliss, Salted Caramel & Chocolate ice cream. It is, without a doubt, the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Give it a try and let me know if you agree. It’s made with coconut milk which, somehow, makes me feel better about eating ice cream when I am trying to lose weight. Probably makes no sense. But in my book, eating fantastic ice cream helps make life easier to me. Just saying.

Bonus Idea

Eat Organic food. Not because it tastes better. Not because it has more nutrients. Organic food is not more nutritious and tastes exactly the same as non organic food. The important thing to know is what you’re NOT getting. Organic food is grown without pesticides. Pesticides are basically poison. Unless you like eating poison, buy organic food. If you’re screaming inside your head right now, “Oh My God! Damn it to hell! What is all this crap about organic food?? I don’t know what to do anymore!!!” just calm down. Everyone, calm down. At the very least, go with organic for just the following foods to start:

  1. Apples and Berries
  2. Potatoes
  3. Peppers and Celery
  4. Lettuce
  5. Yogurt, Butter, Cheese and Ice-Cream

You can do it. I know you can.

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